The Town of Julesburg has 2 large roll-off recycling bins that will allow Sedgwick County residents to deposit their recyclable materials. This is exciting because it will limit waste that typically goes to the landfill. When our landfill becomes too full more of our precious land must be used to create a new waste site. We can avoid this and reduce our waste considerably by recycling. 

The bins are located on Oak Street between 1st and 2nd Street in Julesburg.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in making Sedgwick County a cleaner place to live.

Plastics (blue bin)
At this time the only plastic being accepted is the #2 natural plastic “milk jugs”.

All plastic containers must be rinsed and free of any food or debris. This is important because a dirty container can contaminate an entire baile causing it to go to the landfill. 

Paper (blue bin)
Newspapers, magazines, junk mail and office paper may be deposited into the bin.

Used engine oil recycling

Location pending

Tin Cans (blue bin)
These are typically vegetable, fruit, soup or coffee cans. The cans need to be rinsed and the labels do not have to be removed.

Aluminum Cans
(blue bin)

Aluminum cans and foil can be recycled. Rinse cans and clean foil before recycling. 

Cardboard (white bin)
All types of cardboard can be deposited. Please break down all cardboard.